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Are Diamonds the New Gold?

Could Diamonds Outperform Gold This Decade?

Gold Is Political, Platinum Industrial, Diamonds Are Forever

Hedge funds target rough diamonds as an investment, says IDX

For investors, diamonds might be the new gold

Now is the Time to Buy the "New Gold"

Diamonds Could Become the New Gold
Isaac Wolf, a New York-based diamond cutter, was the buyer of the 59.60-carat pink
diamond that sold for $83 million in Geneva last night, a record for any gemstone at
A 59.60-carat pink diamond is estimated to raise more than $60 million, a record for
any gemstone at auction, when it is sold in Switzerland in November.
The world’s biggest round “fancy vivid” blue diamond is estimated to sell for more
than $19 million at an auction in Hong Kong in October.
Rio Tinto Group (RIO) is pursuing an initial public offering of its gem unit, the world’s
largest supplier of natural colored diamonds, after failing to find a buyer, according to
a person familiar with the matter.
Monday April 1, 2013, 4:15am PDT By  Charlotte McLeod  - Exclusive to  Diamond
Investing News At a recent Due Diligence Tour offered by Rare Investment, a
Vancouver-based firm focused on exposing clients to...
According to Shirley Bassey they are forever, Marilyn Monroe sang that they were “a
girl’s best friend” and Zsa Zsa Gabor once said: “I never hated a man enough to give
him his diamonds back”. Today, investors are..
RAPAPORT...  India’s luxury market is expected to grow  25 percent in 2013 and at
that same rate for the next two years, up from the current level of $8 billion and
irrespective any global economic slowdown, according to...
One of the world's most admired diamonds has been sold at auction for more
than 20m Swiss francs ($21m;£13m). The 76-carat Archduke Joseph diamond,
described as internally flawless, comes from India's famous Golconda mines. The
diamond was...
It’s mid-October, and  Jeffrey Gundlach  is giving a stump speech to a luncheon
crowd of about 200 financial advisers and investors at Los Angeles’s City Club. The
renowned money manager’s theme: the financial..
A "perfect" 100-carat diamond in a classic emerald-cut is going on the auction block
where it could fetch between $19 million to $25 million.
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