President and Owner Noel Wideberg has been in the jewelry business for 40 years. Hired by Tiffany & Co 1990 where he was a model maker and diamond setter working on the Elsa Peretti & Schlumberger collection.  He is a master of Pave setting.  In 1998 Noel started his own jewelry manufacturing company, BMW Associates Inc.

Partnering with world famous colored stone cutter and master jeweler Mi Ho of Min Ho Designs.  Combining with the Min Ho design team Noel worked on many of the finest major jewelry pieces in the world.  All the Min Ho Designs are sold exclusively at Christies and Sotheby's auction houses.

The most challenging piece of jewelry Noel ever worked on was the most expensive toy in the world.  A one million dollar all 18kt and gem encrusted Rubik’s cube.  We had to reverse engineer the cube making all the moving parts from 18 KT Gold.  All the colors were invisible set rubies, diamond, emeralds, and sapphires.  It took us 3 months to build the cube all by hand.
Unparalleled service and Exceptional expertise is the benchmark of JetSet Diamond Brokers.

JetSet delivers optimum knowledge and expert management of its client’s portfolios. With clients facing ever increasing investment pressures in a turbulent world JetSet Diamonds offer an alternative solution to investors by maximizing investment potential whilst mitigating your risk.

We are directly connected to the worlds Diamond mines. Buying directly from the miners we can offer both rough and finished gem quality goods for investment at under wholesale pricing. JetSet Diamond Brokers' clientele are from the elite of the entertainment, fashion and champions of various industries.
JetSet Diamond Brokers caters exclusively to the wealthiest demographic in the world; those who live the  affluent 1% lifestyle.  Jetset buyers define luxury and sound investment. Jetset's Clients appreciate the finer things in life and possess more buying and investment power than any consumers around the globe.
JetSet's Global Sightholders sell 90% of the worlds rough diamonds. Sightholders purchase rough diamonds at selling events known as sights. Sights are held roughly once every five weeks and take place in Russia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.
At the sights,sightholders physically inspect their allocations of rough diamonds before deciding whether to purchase them. Sightholders are among the world’s leading diamantaires and are active in the major diamond centers around the globe. Various business types are represented in the sightholder community, from large global manufacturers, to niche specialists, to vertically integrated businesses with retail operations.
The majority of Global sightholder sales’ rough diamonds are sold from Gaborone in Botswana to diamond businesses which then typically export them to international markets for onward processing. Jetset Diamond Brokers have some of the most powerful members of the diamond industry working with us to fullfill our orders.
Once you have purchased your diamond(s), Jetset Diamond Brokers has diamond polishing, jewelry designers and fine jewelry manufacturing to design a majestic one of a kind piece of diamond and gem art like no other. Also ask us about how we provide rough diamond of gem quality for Hedge Funds​.
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